There are multiple levels of sponsorship, and each has some benefits to you, the donor.

Iron: $100+ — All of the above, and your company’s name and link on our sponsors web page.

Steel: $500+ — All of the above, your company’s name on club t-shirts, your company’s image and a link to your website from every page of our website, and your company’s name on our club banners. As well as your companies logo or name on our robot.

Aluminum: $1,000+ — All of the above and your company’s name included in our team’s long format name.

Titanium: $2,500+ — All of the above, your company’s name will be included in our team’s short format name, and club members will hand out and/or display promotional materials provided by your company, such as brochures, flags, and pins, at all events we host or attend.