FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is one of FIRST's two high school programs. The program
teams students with mentors and professionals that work together to accomplish difficult engineering tasks.

In FRC, student teams build, program and compete 120lb robots made of mostly aluminum, polycarbonate,
and other real-world high tech materials. Students can learn to design robot concepts, use professional
CAD software (computer aided design software, an industry standard for designing and prototyping on
a computer), Machining, welding and building the robot itself, to programming the robot in professional
programming languages. These things are usually taught in college courses or not at all, and the amount of
practical experience gained during FRC is irreplaceable.

In addition to all this, students also learn how to fundraise, communicate with professionals and businesses,
manage a team or a division of a team, publicize, and manage the finances of the team, preparing them for
future careers and college.

The program lasts from January to March / April of each year. Build season starts with the FRC kick off in
and lasts only six weeks. This gives each team six weeks to completely design, manufacture and program
a large and complicated robot. At the end of build season, there is the regional competition, and for the
teams that go on, international competitions.

Because build season is so short, we start training new members in their chosen areas of focus (e.g.
mechanical, programming…) through a number of exercises and small fun projects long before the build
season starts, so that they will be prepared for the short and intensive build season.

Please contact us for more information. For pages related to the FRC program, please hover over the upper
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This program takes a lot of money to run, so if you like this program and what we are doing to inspire
students to learn about technology and participate in future innovation, consider donating some money to
help us keep our ability to continue our program, especially as we are lacking a few vital tools (Milling
machine, Lathe) that we would require to effectively and efficiently build the robot.