The FIRST Technical Challenge team, or FTC, has a different environment than any other part of TRC. With a team that is centered at International, but gets almost half of its members from Bellevue Christian, and also welcomes homeschooled students, we represent students from a variety of backgrounds. FTC welcomes students from eighth to twelfth grade and has an environment that encourages students to teach each other and brainstorm together to create the best design possible, not just one that works. This year, our challenge is velocity vortex. The goal is to score balls into a high goal or corner goal. No small task for a robot that must fit within an 18 inches cubed box. This year our FTC team 3543 has excelled, and was undefeated in their league events. They won the Championship and Think Award and were finalists for the PTC Design Award, Rockwell Collins Innovate Awards, the Control Award and Inspire Award. They'll compete in the State Championship next.