Robot Name: Atlas

Code Name: 

Model Year: 2017-18

Features: A combined elevator and opposing flaps mechanism that allows the capture and transport of cubes.

History: Despite our loss in competition, Atlas has raised our hearts in outreach by being a reliable robot that has engaged others and inspired us to keep building and improving.


Robot Name: Prometheus

Code Name: Champ

Model Year: 2010-2011

Features: An A-frame design that was chosen to match the shape of the mountain, a mechanism fondly known as “The Flap” that is a simple sheet of poly-carbonate in the front of the robot used to push batons on the ground and to lower the bridge. There is also an arm mechanism with a “wrist” that flips the batons to a vertical position. Batons are picked up through a dispensing mechanism that makes use of LEGO© technology, especially LEGO© treads.

Drivetrain: A chain drive with the chain following the shape of the A-frame. Nothing special about the wheels; they are quite standard and noncommittal.

History: Prometheus’ main problem has always been the chains. In both regional competitions, the chains either fell off or were rubbing against some other object and caused several motors to fry. We hoped that Prometheus would be completely fixed up and not be plagued with Murphy’s Law Syndrome during the Washington State Competition.

Prometheus gave a great effort during the State Championship, as did the team.