FLL Registration Information

Alright, let's get you started on becoming a member of Titan Robotics Club. We know you'll love it. 

First, we need to collect some information about you (form below). We keep this record of you so that we always have your information without having to ask you ever again. Please note that only a limited number of people have access to this data, and we will never share or sell it. 

Afterwards, turn in a membership agreement to the Titan Robotics Club box in Lee's Room (209) and pay the membership fee of $125 to the school office (you must be an ASB member). Finally, sign up through the STIMS website. (Registration Instructions here).

Then, you're done! Welcome to the team!


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Parent Information
Almost there, now we just need some information about your parents/guardians. We recommend you fill this form out with them, because it's important that they understand what you are registering for, and how they can help. Use this form to input information about one of your parents/guardians. You will be able to input information about the other on the next page. The only required fields are first name, last name, and email. You should only enter the rest if it is different than your child's information.
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Tell us what you do for living! Our club is complicated and business-oriented. Even if you're not an engineer or computer scientist, we may need your help.
Be a Coach
Check this if you are interested in participating with students in the club to help them learn and develop skills. You can still help without being a coach, but this lets us know you want to take an active role in the club. Being a coach has many benefits, but can also be a huge time commitment.